QANTAS (QF/QFA - Qantas)

QANTAS, an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Sevice, began its life in 1920 which also gives it the title as the second oldest airline still operating under the same name after KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Since then it has become a major world player and a truly global airline. It is known for its speckless safety history and admirable service. It is also considered THE long-distance service expert.

Updating my old templates made me decide to go vintage for this update. Despite the pterodactyi-like wing, I always liked the flying kangaroo. Here's a look back on that 70s livery. These new illustration is shown up here for chronological reasons.

QANTAS operates a fleet of Boeing 737s for most of their domestic flights. Here's one of them in the vintage livery. I kept it simple by 'painting' the belly grey instead of polished metal. The position of the flag and registration have also been modified.

B 737-800 - VH-VZA / Port Augusta

Only a handful of airlines operate Boeing's 767-300 with this engine option. This illustration resembles closer to how this classic livery should look like. The name is made up, because some of this aircraft type doesn't have names on them. It is also the first time I have a 767 template with the Rolls Royce engines.

B 767-300ER - VH-EGN / Coolangatta
10 June 2013

QANTAS acquired the Boeing 717 when they took over Impulse Air. Thankfully the type was retained as under the banner of QantasLink. Here's one of their aircraft wearing the ocher livery. Instead of a name on the nose of the aircraft is the QantasLink title.

B 717-200 - VH-YQT / QantasLink
15 October 2014

The present livery was intorduced in the mid 1980s on their Boeing B 747-300. The airline is the launch (and 'till now, the only) customer for the B 747-400ER passenger version. The design was tweaked in 2008 and first flew on their Boeing B767-300ER (VH-OGD)

One of the early operators of the Boeing 707 is Qantas. They are also the only one to order the shortened fuselage version of the early 707 variants. One example still flies in the old Qantas colours, owned by John Travolta.

B 707-138B - VH-EGN / City of Hobart
15 July 2004

At some point in its history, Skywest Airlines of Australia is a feeder airline operating for and under the banner of Ansett Australian Airlines. Since the demise of the latter, Skyways has operated its own independent services. Though QANTAS Frequent Flyer passengers can earn  and redeem mileage pointson Skywest Airlines, here's actually more a "what if" situation should Skywest be operating flights on behalf of QANTAS.

Some artistic liberty has been taken with the total scheme. The kangaroo had to go through some "adjustments" to fit it onto the fin of the aircraft. Skywest Airlines operate an all Fokker fleet consisting of the F50s and F100s. Here's one of them operating for QANTAS Link.

Fokker 50 - VH-FNA
14 April 2004