All Nippon Airways 全日空 (NH/ANA - All Nippon)

All Nippon Airlines Company Ltd. (全日本空輸株式会社, Zen Nippon Kūyu Kabushiki-gaisha) was formed in 1957 through the merger of Japan Helicopter And Transport Company (JAHT?) and Far East Airlines, hence the original logo based on Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter design as a nod to the helicopters of JAHT. The company has grown from a mainly domestic airline to a formidable one in the Japanese market both naturally and by acquiring other airlines. Its first venture into the international market started in 1971 with non-scheduled flights (due to then Japan's policy) to Hong Kong, Singapore, Bankok, and Manila. Not until 1986 did agressive and continuous international expansion began.
The current livery was introduced in 1983 (?) with the arrival of its Boeing 767-200 JA8479. It replaces the fondly named "Mohican scheme" typified by its unique cheatline on top of the fuselage.

ANA has often been rumored to be one of the launch order for the Boeing 7e7. One thing for certain, they are one of the airlines consulted by the aircraft maker during development. The fact that several Japanese firms will be involved quite substantially in the production of the airplane only add fodder to the rumor mill. Here is an impression of the airplane in the latest livery.

Boeing 7e7-300 - JA873E
24 March 2004

All Nippon Airways utilizes both its own aircrafts as well as working with other airlines for its commuter air services. The scheme went through several minor changes from ones with only in Kanji for domestic services, both Kanji and roman lettering (international services), and the latest version where all variations including those of Air Nippon (ANK) are being standardized into the mainline scheme and an ANA logo.

Under the banner of its subsidiary, Air Nippon (ANK), All Nippon operated some regional flights. Originally the scheme was identical as ANA's scheme but with the ANK logo and titling. This division operated several types of narrow bodies, and its fleet of Dash 8-300s even had special floral schemes on them.

CRJ 200 - JA01RJ
CRJ 700 - JA870A
Dash 8-400 - JA841A
28 March 2004

Another airline operat(ing/ed) under the ANA Connection banner is Naka Nihon Air Lines. It has a small fleet of Fokker 50s.

Fokker 50 - JA8200
14 April 2004

In response to a request, here's an impression of ANA's present scheme applied to an Airbus A310. Quite a 'looker', I must say.

Airbus A310-300 - JA831F
5 November 2005

What a difference 5 years make! The rumor came true, but the shape of the airplane drastically changed. Gone is the dolphin reference and in its place is a more conventional design (at least superficially). Gone also (perhaps) the order for the -300. A whole new production process was created and after some extensive delay, here it is, the new 787 for ANA.

Boeing 787-8 - JA8787
23 September 2009

ANA never replaced their Airbus A321s with a similarly sized aircraft. Here is how the livery would look like on a Boeing 737-900 with Aviation Partner's split scimitar winglet. The registration is taken from one of their A321, one that sported the 'film roll' livery.

Boeing 737-900ER - JA101A
7 November 2013

ANA has done several special liveries in the past. Click the links below to see them, as well as a look back to their past scheme(s).

Special schemes