All Nippon Airways 全日空 (NH/ANA - All Nippon)

As part of its marketing tool, ANA painted some aircrafts in special schemes inspired by the success of their Marine Jumbo design. That design proved such a hit that other special designs follow, such as the Pokejet series and the Woody Woodpecker jet. There was also a special dolphin scheme for its Air Nippon subsidiary.

In celebration of its 500 millionth passenger,ANA conducted a design competition open to Japanese schools. The competition's winning design was the Marine Jumbo scheme by Yukie Ogaki. The scheme was so popular that a B 767-300 was also painted in the scheme as a companion to the original B 747-400D. Here is the design on a true whale of a plane!

A380-800 - JA8888 / Marine Jumbo

... and a more svelte version. The Dreamliner's scheme is what inspired me to make this drawing

B 7e7-300 - JA8733 / Marine Jumbo

The first of the Pokejet schemes...

B 737-700 - JA8404 / Pokejet(1)

The first of the Pokejet schemes...take two

B 7e7-300 - JA8739 / Pokejet(1)
5 December 2004