Delta Air Lines (DL/DAL - Delta)

The following was made after a request for a wallpaper containing Delta Airlines "widget" livery on certain aircrafts. Only the Delta Connections are based on real planes. Designed to fit a 800x600 screen.

B 777-300 - N773DL
CRJ 600 - N062SW
CRJ 700 - N067CA
A 380-700 - N380DL
A 340-600 - N346DL
20 November 2003

A look at a retro Delta 'widget' livery on the Dreamliner. Though dated, I love the effect the cheatline makes. Very slimming. The different wordmarks are less flattering.

B 787-8 - N780DL
1 October 2013

Air India's new Landor livery was perhaps the shortest lived one of an operating airline, but Delta's previous livery should be up there as well. Here it is on Delta's Tristar, even though this type never flew in the new old colours.

L 1011-250 - N1739D

Never have I seen an airline change livery as fast and as often as Delta. Here's what is now the previous incarnation, based on a waving tri-colour flag featuring the rounded widget. It is endearingly called the wavy gravy scheme.

The first is on Delta's TriStar which only wore the 'widget' scheme.

L1011-100 - N717DA

And here is one of their Boeing 757 but in the Delta Shuttle scheme.

B 757-200 - N5714Q
27 August 2004